This guide provides an overview of the tokens currently supported in our ecosystem.

Token Disclaimer

Please note that MOVE is currently designated as a testnet token. It has the following attributes:

  • Testnet Use: MOVE is exclusively used within the M1 testnet environment and has no value outside of this test environment.

  • No Monetary Value: This token is intended for testing purposes only and does not represent any real-world monetary value.

  • No Claim of Future Value: Holding MOVE tokens does not entitle you to any rights of ownership or distribution, nor is there any guarantee that the token will have future value or utility within M1 or any other network.

  • Limited Functionality: The functionalities of MOVE are restricted to what is permissible within the M1 testnet scope, which is subject to change as development progresses.

  • Risk of Reset: The balances and transactions of MOVE may be reset, altered, or wiped out as part of the ongoing development and testing process.

  • Modification Rights: We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the testnet and MOVE tokens at any time, without notice or liability.

Your participation in the testnet signifies your understanding and acceptance of the experimental nature of MOVE tokens. We encourage all users to read and understand the full terms and conditions associated with testnet use.

MOVE Token

Move token is currently being used across the Movement ecosystem as its native token.

MOVE Token on MEVM

Purpose of MOVE is specifically for our Move-EVM (MEVM) environment, currently available for testing purposes. It has to be noted that MOVE on MEVM currently requires bridging, different from MOVE on M1 or M2.

How to Get Testnet Tokens?

You can head to the Faucet guide to learn how to get Testnet tokens for the Movement Network.

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