Derive the Address for a Resource Account

This will not create a resource account, but instead give the deterministic address given a source address and seed.


movement aptos account derive-resource-account-address [OPTIONS] --address <ADDRESS> --seed <SEED>


  • --address <ADDRESS> Address of the creator's account

  • --seed <SEED> Resource account seed. Seed used in generation of the AccountId of the resource account. The seed will be converted to bytes using the encoding from --seed-encoding, defaults to BCS

  • --seed-encoding <SEED_ENCODING> Resource account seed encoding. The encoding can be one of Bcs, Utf8, and Hex.

    • Bcs: BCS encode the string.

    • Utf8: Encode the string as raw UTF-8 bytes.

    • Hex: Encode the string as raw hex encoded bytes. [default: bcs]

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