Bootstrap and Initialize a New SUI Network

Bootstraps and initializes a new SUI network.


movement sui genesis [OPTIONS]


  • --from-config <FROM_CONFIG> Start genesis with a given config file.

  • --write-config <WRITE_CONFIG> Build a genesis config, write it to the specified path, and exit.

  • --working-dir <WORKING_DIR>

  • -f, --force Forces overwriting existing configuration.

  • --epoch-duration-ms <EPOCH_DURATION_MS>

  • --benchmark-ips <ADDR>... A list of IP addresses to generate a genesis suitable for benchmarks.

  • --with-faucet Creates an extra faucet configuration for SUI-test-validator persisted runs.

  • -h, --help Print help (see a summary with '-h').

  • -V, --version Print version.

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