Tool for Manipulating Stake and Stake Pools


movement aptos stake <COMMAND>


  • add-stake Add APT to a stake pool

  • create-staking-contract Create a staking contract stake pool

  • distribute-vested-coins Distribute fully unlocked coins from vesting

  • increase-lockup Increase lockup of all staked APT in a stake pool

  • initialize-stake-owner Initialize a stake pool owner

  • request-commission Request commission from running a stake pool

  • set-delegated-voter Delegate voting capability to another account

  • set-operator Delegate operator capability to another account

  • unlock-stake Unlock staked APT in a stake pool

  • unlock-vested-coins Unlock vested coins

  • withdraw-stake Withdraw unlocked staked APT from a stake pool

  • help Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)


  • -h, --help Print help (see a summary with '-h').

  • -V, --version Print version.

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