Run Local Testnet

This local testnet will run its own Genesis and run as a single node network locally. Optionally, a faucet can be added for minting APT coins.


movement aptos node run-local-testnet [OPTIONS]


  • --config-path <CONFIG_PATH> An overridable config template for the test node. If provided, the config will be used, and any needed configuration for the local testnet will override the config's values.

  • --test-dir <TEST_DIR> The directory to save all files for the node. Defaults to .aptos/testnet.

  • --test-config-override <TEST_CONFIG_OVERRIDE> Path to node configuration file override for local test mode. If provided, the default node config will be overridden by the config in the given file. Cannot be used with --config-path.

  • --seed <SEED> Random seed for key generation in test mode. This allows you to have deterministic keys for testing.

  • --force-restart Clean the state and start with a new chain at genesis. This will wipe the aptosdb in test-dir to remove any incompatible changes, and start the chain fresh. Note that you will need to publish the module again and distribute funds from the faucet accordingly.

  • --with-faucet Run a faucet alongside the node. This allows you to run a faucet alongside the node to create and fund accounts for testing.

  • --faucet-port <FAUCET_PORT> Port to run the faucet on. When running, you'll be able to use the faucet at http://localhost:<port>/mint, for example, http//localhost:8080/mint. Default is 8081.

  • --do-not-delegate Disable the delegation of faucet minting to a dedicated account.

  • --assume-yes Assume yes for all yes/no prompts.

  • --assume-no Assume no for all yes/no prompts.

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