Creates a Signature using AWS KMS

Creates a signature by leveraging AWS KMS. Pass in a key-id to leverage Amazon KMS to sign a message and the base64 pubkey. Generate PubKey from pem using MystenLabs/base64pemkey. Any signature commits to a struct IntentMessage consisting of the Base64 encoded of the BCS serialized transaction bytes itself and its intent. If intent is absent, the default will be used.


movement sui keytool sign-kms [OPTIONS] --data <DATA> --keyid <KEYID> --base64pk <BASE64PK>


  • --data <DATA>

  • --json Return command outputs in json format.

  • --keyid <KEYID>

  • --intent <INTENT>

  • --base64pk <BASE64PK>

  • -h, --help Print help (see a summary with '-h').

  • -V, --version Print version.

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