Set Global Configuration Settings

Any configuration flags that are not provided will not be changed.


movement aptos config set-global-config [OPTIONS]


  • --config-type <CONFIG_TYPE> A configuration for where to place and use the config. Workspace will put the .aptos/ folder in the current directory, where Global will put the .aptos/ folder in your home directory. Possible values:

    • global: Per system user configuration put in <HOME>/.aptos

    • workspace: Per directory configuration put in <CURRENT_DIR>/.aptos

  • --default-prompt-response <DEFAULT_PROMPT_RESPONSE> A configuration for how to expect the prompt response. Option can be one of ["yes", "no", "prompt"], "yes" runs cli with "--assume-yes", where "no" runs cli with "--assume-no", default: "prompt". Possible values:

    • prompt: normal prompt

    • yes: --assume-yes

    • no: --assume-no

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