Get Pool Addresses from a Mainnet Genesis Setup

Outputs all pool addresses to a file from the genesis files.


movement aptos genesis get-pool-addresses [OPTIONS]


  • --output-dir <OUTPUT_DIR> Output directory for pool addresses

  • --assume-yes Assume yes for all yes/no prompts

  • --assume-no Assume no for all yes/no prompts

  • --github-repository <GITHUB_REPOSITORY> Github repository e.g. 'aptos-labs/aptos-core' Mutually exclusive with --local-repository-dir

  • --github-branch <GITHUB_BRANCH> Github repository branch e.g. main [default: main]

  • --github-token-file <GITHUB_TOKEN_FILE> Path to Github API token. Token must have repo:* permissions

  • --local-repository-dir <LOCAL_REPOSITORY_DIR> Path to local git repository Mutually exclusive with --github-repository

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