This tool allows you to run a local test node for testing, identify issues with nodes, and show related information.


movement aptos node <COMMAND>


  • analyze-validator-performance Analyze the performance of one or more validators

  • bootstrap-db Bootstrap AptosDB from a backup

  • check-network-connectivity Checks the network connectivity of a node

  • get-performance Show staking performance of the given staking pool

  • get-stake-pool Show the stake pool

  • initialize-validator Register the current account as a validator

  • join-validator-set Join the validator set after meeting staking requirements

  • leave-validator-set Leave the validator set

  • show-epoch-info Show epoch information

  • show-validator-config Show validator configuration for a specific validator

  • show-validator-set Show validator details of the validator set

  • show-validator-stake Show validator stake information for a specific validator

  • run-local-testnet Run local testnet

  • update-consensus-key Update consensus key for the validator node

  • update-validator-network-addresses Update the current validator's network and fullnode network addresses

  • help Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

Note: Options -h and --help print help (see a summary with '-h'). Option -V and --version print version.

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