Using the Installer

If you would like to work directly on your host, we've provided a pre-alpha installer that works on Posix systems with bash shell.



Pipe the installation script into your bash interpreter to install Movement and all dependencies.

bash <(curl -fsSL --latest

In addition to installing movement. This will add the movementctl bash script to $HOME/bin and a folder with configurations and plugins at $HOME/.movement.

You may specify different installation targets as flags. Conflicting arguments will result in an error.

  • --latest : enabled by default. Installs the latest release. Cannot be used with --version.

  • --build: disabled by default. Builds from source on your machine.

  • --version <major.minor.patch>: specifies the version to install. Builds from source. Cannot be used with --latest.

  • --dev : disabled by default. Includes developer resources for running local networks and emulators.

  • --arch : specifies the architecture for which movement should be installed. By default, this is handled automatically. Possible values are --amd64 and --arm64.

Only Linux builds are supported by the installer without the build flag. If you encounter issues when using the build flag, raise them here:

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