Extract Full Peer Information for an Upstream Peer

This command builds a YAML blob that can be copied into a user's network configuration. A host is required to build the network address used for the connection, and the network key is required to identify the peer.

A private-network-key or public-network-key can be given encoded on the command line, or a private-network-key-file or public-network-key-file can be given to read from. The output-file will be a YAML serialized peer information for use in network config.


movement aptos key extract-peer [OPTIONS] --host <HOST> --output-file <OUTPUT_FILE>


  • --host <HOST> Host and port of the full node. e.g. or my-awesome-dns.com:6180

  • --private-network-key-file <PRIVATE_NETWORK_KEY_FILE> x25519 Private key input file name.

  • --private-network-key <PRIVATE_NETWORK_KEY> x25519 Private key encoded in a type as shown in encoding.

  • --public-network-key-file <PUBLIC_NETWORK_KEY_FILE> x25519 Public key input file name.

  • --public-network-key <PUBLIC_NETWORK_KEY> x25519 Public key encoded in a type as shown in encoding.

  • --output-file <OUTPUT_FILE> Output file path.

  • --assume-yes Assume yes for all yes/no prompts.

  • --assume-no Assume no for all yes/no prompts.

  • --encoding <ENCODING> Encoding of data as one of [base64, bcs, hex]. [default: hex] Possible values:

    • bcs: Binary Canonical Serialization

    • hex: Hex encoded e.g. 0xABCDE12345

    • base64: Base 64 encoded

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