Using Containers

Using containers is the easiest way to get setup with a correct and consistent environment.


We recommend using VS Code with the Remote Containers extension. This will allow you to open your workspace in a container with a single click.

In the CLI container

For most use cases, the mvlbs/m1 Docker image will be sufficient. This image offers a standardized environment which incudes the Movement CLI.

Pull the docker image.

docker pull mvlbs/m1

If you are on an arm64 machine, we currently recommend that you use emulation.

docker pull --platform=amd64 mvlbs/m1

Open your workspace in the container.

docker run -it -v "$(pwd):/workspace" mvlbs/m1 /bin/bash

You can now initialize a project with the Movement CLI.

movement aptos move init --name my-project

You can now take your next steps. We recommend checking out our Tutorials.

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