Analyze the Performance of One or More Validators

Analyzes the performance of one or more validators based on different modes.


movement aptos node analyze-validator-performance [OPTIONS] --analyze-mode <ANALYZE_MODE>


  • --start-epoch <START_EPOCH> First epoch to analyze. Defaults to the first epoch. (default: -2)

  • --end-epoch <END_EPOCH> Last epoch to analyze. Defaults to the latest epoch.

  • --analyze-mode <ANALYZE_MODE> Analyze mode for the validator. Possible values:

    • all: Print all other modes simultaneously.

    • detailed-epoch-table: For each epoch, print a detailed table containing performance of each of the validators.

    • validator-health-over-time: For each validator, summarize its performance in an epoch into one of the predefined reliability buckets, and print its performance across epochs.

    • network-health-over-time: For each epoch, summarize how many validators were in each of the reliability buckets.

  • --pool-addresses [<POOL_ADDRESSES>...] Filter of stake pool addresses to analyze. Defaults to all stake pool addresses.

  • --url <URL> URL to a fullnode on the network. Defaults to the URL in the default profile.

  • --connection-timeout-secs <CONNECTION_TIMEOUT_SECS> Connection timeout in seconds, used for the REST endpoint of the fullnode. (default: 30)

  • --profile <PROFILE> Profile to use from the CLI config. This will be used to override associated settings such as the REST URL, the Faucet URL, and the private key arguments. Defaults to "default".

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