Check Network Connectivity of a Node

Checks network connectivity by dialing the node and attempting to establish a connection with a noise handshake.


movement aptos node check-network-connectivity [OPTIONS] --address <ADDRESS> --chain-id <CHAIN_ID>


  • --address <ADDRESS> NetworkAddress of remote server interface. Examples include:

    • /dns/<x25519-pubkey>/handshake/1

    • /ip4/<ip-address>/tcp/6182/noise-ik/<x25519-pubkey>/handshake/0

  • --chain-id <CHAIN_ID> ChainId of remote server. Examples include:

    • Chain numbers, e.g., 2, 3 and 25.

    • Chain names, e.g., devnet, testnet, mainnet and testing (for local test networks)

  • --network-id <NETWORK_ID> NetworkId of remote server interface. Default: Public

  • --timeout-seconds <TIMEOUT_SECONDS> Optional number of seconds to timeout attempting to connect to endpoint. Default: 5

  • --no-handshake Skip handshake for network checking

Note: You can print help by using the -h or --help flag, and print version with the -V or --version flag.

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