Documents a Move Package

This converts the content of the package into markdown for documentation.


movement aptos move document [OPTIONS]


  • --dev Enables dev mode, which uses all dev-addresses and dev-dependencies. Dev mode allows for changing dependencies and addresses to the preset [dev-addresses] and [dev-dependencies] fields. This works both inside and out of tests for using preset values. Currently, it also additionally pulls in all test compilation artifacts.

  • --package-dir <PACKAGE_DIR> Path to a move package (the folder with a Move.toml file).

  • --output-dir <OUTPUT_DIR> Path to save the compiled move package. Defaults to <package_dir>/build.

  • --named-addresses <NAMED_ADDRESSES> Named addresses for the move binary. Example: alice=0x1234, bob=0x5678. Note: This will fail if there are duplicates in the Move.toml file remove those first. [default: ]

  • --skip-fetch-latest-git-deps Skip pulling the latest git dependencies. This will allow overriding this for local development.

  • --bytecode-version <BYTECODE_VERSION> Specify the version of the bytecode the compiler is going to emit.

  • --include-impl Whether to include private declarations and implementations into the generated documentation. Defaults to false.

  • --include-specs Whether to include specifications in the generated documentation. Defaults to false.

  • --specs-inlined Whether specifications should be put side-by-side with declarations or into a separate section. Defaults to false.

  • --include-dep-diagram Whether to include a dependency diagram. Defaults to false.

  • --collapsed-sections Whether details should be put into collapsed sections. This is not supported by all markdown, but the github dialect. Defaults to false.

  • --landing-page-template <LANDING_PAGE_TEMPLATE> Package-relative path to an optional markdown template which is a used to create a landing page. Placeholders in this file are substituted as follows: > {{move-toc}} is replaced by a table of contents of all modules; > {{move-index}} is replaced by an index, and > {{move-include NAME_OF_MODULE_OR_SCRIP}} is replaced by the full documentation of the named entity.

  • --references-file <REFERENCES_FILE> Package-relative path to a file whose content is added to each generated markdown file. This can contain common markdown references for this package (e.g. [move-book]: <url>).

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