Quick Start

The fastest way to get started developing on Movement.

Running on Containers

Bootstrap your environment for Movement by using our pre-built container images with VS Code devcontainers. Go to Using Containers for more information.

Local Installations

To install Movement locally, follow the instructions in Using the Installer or run:

bash <(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/movemntdev/M1/main/scripts/install.sh) --latest


Head to Faucet to get some tokens to start your journey in the Movement Ecosystem.

Running a Local Network

Install the Movement CLI and run the following command:

movement ctl start m1 localnet

Learning Move

If you are new to Movement, head to Learning Resources, Hack Movement, a crash course on developing for Movement, or Move Language to learn about the basics.


We have a few tutorials available for you to try things out! Head to Tutorials and start hacking.

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