Lists Information About Packages and Modules On-Chain for an Account


movement aptos move list [OPTIONS] --account <ACCOUNT>


  • --account <ACCOUNT> Address of the account for which to list packages.

  • --query <QUERY> Type of items to query. Current supported types [packages]. [default: packages] [possible values: packages]

  • --url <URL> URL to a fullnode on the network. Defaults to the URL in the default profile.

  • --connection-timeout-secs <CONNECTION_TIMEOUT_SECS> Connection timeout in seconds, used for the REST endpoint of the fullnode. [default: 30]

  • --profile <PROFILE> Profile to use from the CLI config. This will be used to override associated settings such as the REST URL, the Faucet URL, and the private key arguments. Defaults to "default".

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