Running M1 Yourself

This section provides instructions on how to run M1 and its supporting services.

The following instructions work regardless of whether you've followed the steps for using the movement-dev container, the installer, or manual installation.

If you followed the steps for manual installation, please ensure that you have updated your environment variables correctly and stored the artifacts in the designated paths.

Installing Dependencies

Once you've installed the Movement CLI, you may use movement manage install m1 testnet to install the necessary dependencies for the services below.

Running an M1 Local Network

You can run a local version of M1 using the Movement CLI.

movement ctl start m1 localnet        

Running an M1 Testnet Node or Validator

See Becoming a Validator.

Running the Aptos Proxy

To serve an Aptos-compatible API with M1, you will need to run the Aptos Proxy.

movement ctl start m1 proxy --base-url [protocol, host, and path of subnet serice, e.g., http://localhost:9650] --subnet-id [the chain id of the M1 chain, e.g.,

Running the MEVM Proxy

To serve an EVM-compatible API with M1, you will need to run MEVM.

movement ctl start m1 mevm --node-url [protocol, host, and path of the Aptos Proxy, e.g., http://localhost:3001] 

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