Generate Keys for a New Validator

Generates account key, consensus key, and network key for a validator. These keys are used for running a validator or operator in a network.


movement aptos genesis generate-keys [OPTIONS]


  • --output-dir <OUTPUT_DIR> Output directory for the key files

  • --pool-address <POOL_ADDRESS> Address of the Staking pool Defaults to the profile's AccountAddress

  • --assume-yes Assume yes for all yes/no prompts

  • --assume-no Assume no for all yes/no prompts

  • --random-seed <RANDOM_SEED> The seed used for key generation, should be a 64 character hex string and only used for testing. If a predictable random seed is used, the key that is produced will be insecure and easy to reproduce. Please do not use this unless sufficient randomness is put into the random seed.

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