Compiles a Package and Returns the Associated ModuleIds


movement aptos move compile [OPTIONS]


  • --save-metadata Save the package metadata in the package's build directory. If set, package metadata should be generated and stored in the package's build directory. This metadata can be used to construct a transaction to publish a package.

  • --included-artifacts <INCLUDED_ARTIFACTS> Artifacts to be generated when building the package. Which artifacts to include in the package. This can be one of none, sparse, and all. none is the most compact form and does not allow to reconstruct a source package from chain; sparse is the minimal set of artifacts needed to reconstruct a source package; all includes all available artifacts. The choice of included artifacts heavily influences the size and therefore gas cost of publishing: none is the size of bytecode alone; sparse is roughly 2 times as much; and all 3-4 as much. [default: sparse] [possible values: none, sparse, all]

  • --dev Enables dev mode, which uses all dev-addresses and dev-dependencies. Dev mode allows for changing dependencies and addresses to the preset [dev-addresses] and [dev-dependencies] fields. This works both inside and out of tests for using preset values. Currently, it also additionally pulls in all test compilation artifacts.

  • --package-dir <PACKAGE_DIR> Path to a move package (the folder with a Move.toml file).

  • --output-dir <OUTPUT_DIR> Path to save the compiled move package. Defaults to <package_dir>/build.

  • --named-addresses <NAMED_ADDRESSES> Named addresses for the move binary. Example: alice=0x1234, bob=0x5678. Note: This will fail if there are duplicates in the Move.toml file remove those first. [default: ]

  • --skip-fetch-latest-git-deps Skip pulling the latest git dependencies. If you don't have a network connection, the compiler may fail due to no ability to pull git dependencies. This will allow overriding this for local development.

  • --bytecode-version <BYTECODE_VERSION> Specify the version of the bytecode the compiler is going to emit.

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