Downloads a Package and Stores it in a Directory Named After the Package

This lets you retrieve packages directly from the blockchain for inspection and use as a local dependency in testing.


movement aptos move download [OPTIONS] --account <ACCOUNT> --package <PACKAGE>


  • --account <ACCOUNT> Address of the account containing the package.

  • --package <PACKAGE> Name of the package.

  • --output-dir <OUTPUT_DIR> Directory to store downloaded package. Defaults to the current directory.

  • --url <URL> URL to a fullnode on the network. Defaults to the URL in the default profile.

  • --connection-timeout-secs <CONNECTION_TIMEOUT_SECS> Connection timeout in seconds, used for the REST endpoint of the fullnode. [default: 30]

  • --profile <PROFILE> Profile to use from the CLI config. This will be used to override associated settings such as the REST URL, the Faucet URL, and the private key arguments. Defaults to "default".

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