The fastest way to get started developing on Movement.

Setting up your Movement Environment

  • Using Containers for the easiest development experience. Run the CLI and local versions of our network. You can find the M1 container at mvlbs/m1 built for both amd64 and arm64.

  • Using the Installer if you would prefer to install, run, and have everything available at hand.

  • Manual Installation for some other installation methods for tools available for Movement developers.

Once you've set up your environment, you'll be able to start any new project with.

movement aptos move init --name movement-project

To help set up your environment quickly, please review the subdocuments in this folder.

If you've already successfully set up your environment, we recommend heading over to for a crash course on developing for Movement. It will introduce you to the Move language, Movement developer tools, and provide a number of helpful example contracts covering topics in DeFi and Web3 development.

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