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The fastest way to get started as a Movement validator.

Running an M1 Testnet Validator

Becoming a Validator

Currently, we are running a permissioned testnet for M1 and individually selecting validators from our close associates.

If you have been selected as one of our validators, ensure that you have been granted the vals role on our Discord. You will use this later to add your nodes to our validator set.

Additional, ensure your node ID is staked. The easiest way to do this is via Avalanche Core.

Without joining as a validator, you can still track our network, i.e., run a light client.

Running a Node


We recommend running on the following hardware:

  • >= 8 CPU (or vCPU)

  • >= 16 GB RAM

  • >= 128 GB Disk

You will need to ensure your validator node has a public IP and that port 9651 is open to public TCP connections.

Ensure also that your machine can appropriately fetch its IP with

Running Natively

Install the Movement CLI.

bash <(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/movemntdev/M1/main/scripts/install.sh) --latest

Install the tesnet artifacts.

movement manage install m1 testnet

Start the subnet service.

movement ctl start m1 testnet

Running With Containers

Pull the mvlbs/m1-testnet Docker container.

docker pull mvlbs/m1-testnet:latest

Run the Fuji subnet service in the container foreground, e.g., as a CMD.

movement ctl start m1 testnet

Adding Your Validator to the Validator Set

Ensure your node has bootstrapped on both the X and C chains.

curl -X POST --data '{
    "id"     :1,
    "method" :"info.isBootstrapped",
    "params": {
}' -H 'content-type:application/json;'

Obtain your node ID.

curl -X POST --data '{
    "id"     :1,
    "method" :"info.getNodeID"
}' -H 'content-type:application/json;'

If you have been granted the vals Discord role, you will be able to run the /validator bot with the following parameters to add your validator to the set.

  • node_id: [your-node-id]

  • network_id: m1testnetv0

You should then see that you are listed as a validatore here: https://subnets-test.avax.network/subnets/X9ntefVrtUgpve4UGSa87jq9VKwE5f8mkYigyFnUPfyXpu8jn

Without joining as a validator, you can still track our network, i.e., run a light client.

Installation Resources

You can find other resources in Manual Installation and Miscellaneous.

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