Tool to Initialize Current Directory for the Aptos Tool

Configuration will be pushed into .aptos/config.yaml.


movement aptos init [OPTIONS]


  • --network <NETWORK> Network to use for default settings. If custom rest_url and faucet_url are wanted, use custom.

  • --rest-url <REST_URL> URL to a fullnode on the network.

  • --faucet-url <FAUCET_URL> URL for the Faucet endpoint.

  • --skip-faucet Whether to skip the faucet for a non-faucet endpoint.

  • --random-seed <RANDOM_SEED> The seed used for key generation, should be a 64 character hex string and only used for testing. If a predictable random seed is used, the key that is produced will be insecure and easy to reproduce. Please do not use this unless sufficient randomness is put into the random seed.

  • --private-key-file <PRIVATE_KEY_FILE> Signing Ed25519 private key file path. Encoded with type from --encoding. Mutually exclusive with --private-key.

  • --private-key <PRIVATE_KEY> Signing Ed25519 private key. Encoded with type from --encoding. Mutually exclusive with --private-key-file.

  • --profile <PROFILE> Profile to use from the CLI config. This will be used to override associated settings such as the REST URL, the Faucet URL, and the private key arguments. Defaults to "default".

  • --assume-yes Assume yes for all yes/no prompts.

  • --assume-no Assume no for all yes/no prompts.

  • --encoding <ENCODING> Encoding of data as one of [base64, bcs, hex]. [default: hex] Possible values:

    • bcs: Binary Canonical Serialization

    • hex: Hex encoded e.g. 0xABCDE12345

    • base64: Base 64 encoded

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