Tool for Move related operations

This tool lets you compile, test, and publish Move code, in addition to run any other tools that help run, verify, or provide information about this code.

Usage: movement aptos move


  • build-publish-payload Build a publication transaction payload and store it in a JSON output file

  • clean Cleans derived artifacts of a package

  • compile Compiles a package and returns the associated ModuleIds

  • compile-script Compiles a Move script into bytecode

  • coverage Computes coverage for a package

  • create-resource-account-and-publish-package Publishes the modules in a Move package to the Aptos blockchain under a resource account

  • disassemble Disassemble the Move bytecode pointed to

  • document Documents a Move package

  • download Downloads a package and stores it in a directory named after the package

  • init Creates a new Move package at the given location

  • list Lists information about packages and modules on-chain for an account

  • prove Proves a Move package

  • publish Publishes the modules in a Move package to the Aptos blockchain

  • run Run a Move function

  • run-script Run a Move script test Runs Move unit tests for a package

  • transactional-test Run Move transactional tests

  • verify-package Downloads a package and verifies the bytecode

  • view Run a view function

  • help Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)


-h, --help Print help (see a summary with '-h')

-V, --version Print version

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