Multi-Signature Combine Partial Signature

Provides a list of participating signatures (flag || sig || pk encoded in Base64), threshold, a list of all public keys, and a list of their weights that define the MultiSig address. Returns a valid MultiSig signature and its sender address. The result can be used as the signature field for sui client execute-signed-tx. The sum of weights of all signatures must be greater than or equal to the threshold.

The order of sigs must be the same as the order of pks. For example, for , is valid, but is invalid.


movement sui keytool multi-sig-combine-partial-sig [OPTIONS] --threshold <THRESHOLD>


  • --sigs <SIGS>...

  • --json Return command outputs in json format.

  • --pks <PKS>...

  • --weights <WEIGHTS>...

  • --threshold <THRESHOLD>

  • -h, --help Print help (see a summary with '-h').

  • -V, --version Print version.

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