Prints out the serialized data of a transaction that sets the gas price quote for a validator.


movement mov validator display-gas-price-update-raw-txn [OPTIONS] --sender-address <sender-address> --operation-cap-id <operation-cap-id> --new-gas-price <new-gas-price>


  • --sender-address <sender-address> Address of the transaction sender.

  • --operation-cap-id <operation-cap-id> Object ID of a validator's OperationCap, used for setting gas price and reporting validators.

  • --new-gas-price <new-gas-price> Gas price to be set to.

  • --gas-budget <gas-budget> Gas budget for this transaction.

  • --json Return command outputs in JSON format.

Note: Please refer to the help command (-h or --help) for more options and information.

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