Generate New Address and Keypair

Generates a new address and keypair with a specified keypair scheme and optional derivation path.


movement sui client new-address [OPTIONS] <KEY_SCHEME> [WORD_LENGTH] [DERIVATION_PATH]


  • <KEY_SCHEME> The keypair scheme. Valid options are ed25519, secp256k1, or secp256r1.

  • [WORD_LENGTH] The word length for the keypair. Valid options are word12, word15, word18, word21, or word24. If not specified, the default is word12.

  • [DERIVATION_PATH] The derivation path for the keypair. The default derivation paths are m/44'/784'/0'/0'/0' for ed25519, m/54'/784'/0'/0/0 for secp256k1, and m/74'/784'/0'/0/0 for secp256r1.

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