Sui Move dApp

In this guide for Sui developers, you'll learn how easy it is to create a Sui dApp React frontend and configure your dApp for Movement Network.


Make sure you have Movement CLI installed. If using Sui CLI, please refer to our guide on how to configure it for Movement.

View an example of the finished dApp here.


We will bootstrap our dapp with the following command provided by Mysten Labs:

npm create @mysten/dapp

When you're prompted to choose a starter template, select react-e2e-counter.

Navigate into your dApp's folder and open it in an editor. Here we are using VS Code.

cd your-dapp-name
code .

Publish the Smart Contract

Navigate into the move/counter directory and switch your Sui environment to M2:

cd move/counter
movement sui client new-env --rpc --alias m2
movement sui client switch --env m2

Now you can publish your counter.move module:

movement sui client publish --gas-budget 20000000

Once the package is published, get its ID from Transaction Data under Object Changes > Published Objects.

Configure the Frontend to M2

Navigate back into your project's root directory and launch your app:

cd ~
npm run dev

Your dApp will appear in your browser:

Configure your Sui dApp for Movement M2

In constants.ts, begin by export M2_COUNTER_PACKAGE_ID using the package ID from the publishing step:

export const M2_COUNTER_PACKAGE_ID = "<your-counter-package-ID>";

Now add M2_COUNTER_PACKAGE_ID At the top of networkConfig.ts, and Movement Network's M2 network configuration containing the package ID and its RPC.

import {
} from "./constants.ts";

const { networkConfig, useNetworkVariable, useNetworkVariables } =
    devnet: {
      url: getFullnodeUrl("devnet"),
      variables: {
        counterPackageId: DEVNET_COUNTER_PACKAGE_ID,
    mainnet: {
      url: getFullnodeUrl("mainnet"),
      variables: {
        counterPackageId: MAINNET_COUNTER_PACKAGE_ID,
    m2: {
      url: "",
      variables: {
        counterPackageId: M2_COUNTER_PACKAGE_ID,

Now you can set the default network to M2 in main.tsx!

<SuiClientProvider networks={networkConfig} defaultNetwork="m2">

Using your counter dApp on M2

To use the dApp, first configure a Sui wallet to M2.

Head over to the Movement Faucet and fund your M2 testnet wallet.

Now the fun part! Connect your wallet to your dApp and create a counter!

You (and anyone else) can increment it and only you can reset it back to 0.

What dApps will you build on Movement?

Now you know how to configure a Sui Move dApp for M2.

Check out CreateCounter.tsx, Counter.tsx and counter.move to understand the app's frontend and onchain logic. As a challenge, try modifying it to increment by 2 each time a user increments.

We can't wait to see what dApps you build and deploy to Movement Network!

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