Lookup the Account Address Through the On-Chain Lookup Table

If the account is rotated, it will provide the address accordingly. If the account was not rotated, it will provide the derived address only if the account exists on-chain.


movement aptos account lookup-address [OPTIONS]


  • --encoding Encoding of data as one of [base64, bcs, hex]. [default: hex] Possible values:

    • bcs: Binary Canonical Serialization

    • hex: Hex encoded e.g. 0xABCDE12345

    • base64: Base 64 encoded

  • --public-key-file <PUBLIC_KEY_FILE> Ed25519 Public key input file name. Mutually exclusive with --public-key

  • --public-key <PUBLIC_KEY> Ed25519 Public key encoded in a type as shown in encoding. Mutually exclusive with --public-key-file

  • --profile <PROFILE> Profile to use from the CLI config. This will be used to override associated settings such as the REST URL, the Faucet URL, and the private key arguments. Defaults to "default"

  • --url <URL> URL to a fullnode on the network. Defaults to the URL in the default profile

  • --connection-timeout-secs <CONNECTION_TIMEOUT_SECS> Connection timeout in seconds, used for the REST endpoint of the fullnode. [default: 30]

  • --auth-key-file <AUTH_KEY_FILE> Authentication Key file input

  • --auth-key <AUTH_KEY> Authentication key input

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