Multi-Sig Combine Partial Sig Legacy

Combine partial signatures for a multi-sig transaction using the legacy keytool.


movement sui keytool multi-sig-combine-partial-sig-legacy [OPTIONS] --threshold <THRESHOLD>


  • --sigs <SIGS>... (Required) List of partial signatures to combine.

  • --json Return command outputs in json format.

  • --pks <PKS>... (Optional) List of public keys corresponding to the partial signatures. If not provided, the program will attempt to derive the public keys from the partial signatures.

  • --weights <WEIGHTS>... (Optional) List of weights for the public keys. If not provided, default weights will be used.

  • --threshold <THRESHOLD> (Required) The threshold value for the multi-sig transaction. The combined signatures will be valid only if the sum of the weights of the partial signatures is greater than or equal to the threshold.


  • -h, --help Print help (see a summary with '-h').

  • -V, --version Print version.

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