Generate OAuth URL and Sign a Transaction

Generates an OAuth URL for authentication, prompts the user to paste the redirect with the id_token, calls the Salt server and Prover server to create a test transaction, and signs and executes it using the ephemeral key by assembling it into a serialized zkLogin signature.


movement sui keytool zk-login-sign-and-execute-tx [OPTIONS] --max-epoch <MAX_EPOCH>


  • --max-epoch <MAX_EPOCH> The maximum epoch to consider.

  • --json Return command outputs in JSON format.

  • --network <NETWORK> The network to use. (default: devnet)

  • --fixed Set a fixed value.

Note: The -h, --help option is used to print help (see a summary with '-h'). The -V, --version option is used to print version.

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